European Goldenrod Extract (2 oz.) |

European Goldenrod Extract (2 oz.)

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 Promote healthy urine flow, inflammation support, support against fluid retention. 

Bladder Support

• Promote healthy urine flow

• Inflammation support

• Support against fluid retention

Goldenrod contains properties that may increase urine flow and also have anti-swelling effects. Safe for nursing and expecting moms, it can be beneficial in maintaining healthy bladder function during these times.


  • European Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) : The herb’s Latin name is Solidago, which means “to make whole or heal” and reflects its use in traditional herbal medicine. Goldenrod supplies many beneficial plant compounds, including saponins and flavonoid antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol. Most commonly used to support urinary health and inflammation support.


Suggested Use: 

3-11 yrs: 1/8 tsp.

12+ yrs: 1/4 tsp. 

Take in water 1-3 times daily or as needed.

Note: Goldenrod may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae family. Members of this family include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many others.