Chaste Tree Berry Extract (2 oz.) |

Chaste Tree Berry Extract (2 oz.)

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 Female health support, promotes a healthy hormone balance, provides menstruation support. 

Centuries-old health support for women

• Female health support

• Promotes healthy hormone balance

• Menstruation support

The Chaste Tree berry, commonly referred to as Vitex, has been used for centuries to support women's health and promote a healthy hormone balance. It may also offer temporary relief from the pain associated with the monthly cycle. 


  • Chaste Tree berry (Vitex angus-castus) : Chaste Tree berry has been well studied in clinical trials to support normal hormone levels, particularly progesterone. It is most commonly used for menstrual support, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause.


Suggested Use:

12+ yrs: 1/4 tsp. 

Take in water 1-3 times daily or as needed