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Why Choose MMH?

​Change the lives of those you care about 
by offering your customers natural health choices that work. We have a full and versatile line of products to address a wide range of health concerns. 

We are a company that offers effective and pure health choices that change people’s lives, and we want to work with you to get there. We offer gobs of savings for our retailers, as well as many other great services. Your customers will be happy to find a natural solution to their health concerns, as our products have helped change many lives for the better. Our products are effective because they were born out of the direct result of a mother on a desperate journey to find alternative solutions that would work for her child’s life-threatening health issue. From this humble foundation, we have become an industry leader of providing important natural options to support health.

 What Makes Us Exceptional

  • Effectiveness: The journey began to find effective herbal extracts with our founder Kathy Garber after she received a daunting diagnosis for her son. Due to this, she was desperate to find alternative solutions to improve her son's health. She spent thousands of hours researching and creating her own unique herbal formulas. She found that liquid extracts were the most effective as the chemical constituents in the herbs are broken down through the extraction process and can start absorbing in the body right away. Although there are many products on the market today that advertise that they are effective for certain alignments, we offer unique herbal formulas using a unique extraction process that Kathy spent thousands of hours researching and creating. She worked closely with her son, and eventually other clients to find the perfect formulas. One by one, Kathy eventually developed an entire line of products based on requests from people hoping they could find the same amazing results as her son did. She would say, “If it doesn’t make a difference, I shouldn’t be selling it”. This kind of integrity has kept our company going strong for over 20 years.

  • Purity: To make sure our products are pure, we formulate and manufacture a substantial portion of our products in-house. We have our own testing and quality department to test materials for potency and purity, and to screen vendors. We invite retailers to learn more about our process by scheduling a time to tour our facility. This is a great way to learn more about the process.

  • Easy to Take:  Our products are easy, quick, and uncomplicated to use. They allow most people to get around a busy schedule while still helping to support the body. For most of our products, they can be taken 1 to 3 times per day for 3 to 6 months. Many of us make larger adjustments to our lives on a regular basis. This small change is well worth it – saving you time and money in the long run. 

Our hope is that you, as a retailer, find these products effective and supportive to your customers' lives. The purpose of these herbal extracts is to live a happier and more prosperous life. Nature can inspire us to do many things, one of which is to make us healthy inside and out. We are happy to serve our customers and retailers by unlocking the health secrets that nature has provided, and to make day-to-day life more enjoyable and satisfying.

Exclusive Benefits for Retailers

      Quick Application Process 

      • Go to our website, call, email, mail, or fax us a request and we will send you an application.

      Free Product Training

      • Set up a time for a free product training

      • Educated Herbal Care Specialists available M-F to answer your questions

      • Monthly newsletters with free training information

      • Catalogs, booklets, product sheets, and more are available for you and your customers

      Quick and On-Time Delivery

      • Receive your order in as little as 10-14 business days (shipping time determined by order size)

      Standard Shipping Cost Based on Order Size Pricing

      • Base price: 40% off MSRP

      • Additional discounts included in your Tiered Pricing 

      • Monthly Bargain Week

      • Low order minimum

      • Starter Kits available - up to 56% off MSRP

      • Affordable pricing for you and your customers

      Payment Options

      • Net 30 - After your first order, you are eligible to be part of your 30-day payment program. Orders you place will be sent to you right away and you will have 30 days to make payment

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