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Why You Need a Plant-Based Calcium
Herbal Calcium
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It's no surprise that calcium is an important and essential mineral for good health. But, did you know that 90% of calcium supplements are made from limestone or marble rock, literally ground into a powder and packed or pressed into tablets or capsules? No wonder those tablets are hard as a rock. They literally ARE rock!

Elementally, these rocks are made up of 40% calcium, so the reason for its use is obvious. However, recent studies have made it clear that this type of supplemental calcium can cause more harm than good. The conclusion of a study published last year in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension states that "from a cardiovascular perspective, dietary calcium intake by eating foods high in calcium appears safer than calcium loading with supplements." (1)

How do I know what's rock, and what's not?

Check the label on your calcium; if you see calcium carbonate or calcium citrate on the back, you've got rocks.

Calcium carbonate, the cheapest and most common form of calcium found in supplements, is essentially limestone - a rock (literally chalk)! Calcium citrate, a more expensive and supposedly superior form, is simply inorganic (rock) calcium merge artificially in a lab with chemically derived citric acid to form a salt.

Armed with this knowledge, and still understanding that it's difficult to get all of what your body needs from food alone, where do you turn?

Plant-based herbal supplements can offer so much of what your body needs, in a form that is safe and that your body can effectively use.

In a plant, calcium is naturally bound with other minerals, vitamins, proteins and phytonutrients. This combination of nutrients has a way of letting your body know that it is safe to absorb and directs the body to store the calcium into the bones. Plant-based calcium sources are alkaline and very beneficial for your bones, thereby allowing for more calcium "gain".

Additionally, plants actually "predigest" the minerals in the soil and rocks that surround them. So, once the plant is ingested by you, the mineral is already broken down and completely absorbable to you instantly!

Taking the benefits even one step further, liquid extracts of these plants give you even extra effectiveness as the nutrients of the herbs are already pulled out and in a form ready for your body to use as soon as it hits your tongue. No pills to swallow, capsules to dissolve, or powder to be broken down.

Addressing your health needs naturally comes with a wide range of benefits. So, whether you're looking to replace your rock-sourced calcium supplement or vitamins with unnecessary additives and fillers, Mountain Meadow Herbs has you covered--naturally!

(1) Tankeu MD, Aurel T., Agbor MD, Valirie Ndip, Noubiap MD, Jean Jacques (2017). Calcium supplementation and cardiovascular risk: A rising concern. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 41(2), 640-646.

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