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What Are Natural Remedies?

Natural Remedies To Fight Your Ailments

Long before pharmaceuticals entered the picture, people turned to natural remedies to fight their ailments. Now, even after the creation of modern-day medicine, they are making a serious comeback. Why? Because many people want to forgo the chemicals in drugs and instead use natural and healthy methods to cure their colds, stomach aches, and more. 

As great as natural remedies sound, though, many people ask “what are they?” and “do they actually work?” If you’ve found yourself asking the same questions, keep reading below. We’ll answer those questions once and for all!

What Exactly ARE Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies are a form of alternative medicine. They are used as medical treatments instead of traditional or modern-day treatment options. The only difference between natural remedies and the medicines you see at the supermarket is their regulations. This is because most remedies have plants in them, which makes them technically food to the FDA.

Common Natural Remedies

Curious to know what some of the most common natural remedies are? We don’t blame you. Below, we’ll share some of the most common natural remedies that people use for their ailments as well as day-to-day health supplements. Don’t be surprised if they all sound familiar!


Honey is more than a sweetener. It’s also great for allergies, colds, and sore throats because it naturally reduces swelling and inflammation. You just mix it with your tea or take a spoonful a day and let it work its magic!


Struggling with stomach issues like nausea or constipation? Magnesium is a great supplement for you. This mineral is also a natural occurrence in your body and is known for healthy body function. If your stomach has been bothering you recently, magnesium might just help!


Flu season can be scary but there are natural remedies to help. A very popular option is elderberry, especially elderberry extract. This remedy is great for treating infections, inflammation, and treating illnesses such as colds and flu naturally

Peppermint oil

Got a headache that won’t go away? Peppermint oil might do the trick! Peppermint has menthol in it, which can treat inflammation and soothe aches and pains. Just put a few drops in a humidifier and let the aroma do its job.


If you’re struggling to sleep at night, chamomile tea might be the answer you’re looking for. Chamomile is known for its soothing properties. It can reduce anxiety and tension and help your body naturally relax so you can get some sleep. 

Mountain Meadow Herbs

Do you want to try natural remedies and supplements for yourself? If so, contact us at Mountain Meadow Herbs. We are a trusted source of health and natural healing. We can help you explore the many natural remedy options available so you can try to treat your ailments without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Don’t keep putting chemicals into your body - treat your health issues with natural remedies today!

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