Make the most of your summer, naturally |
Make the most of your summer, naturally

Summer in Montana brings countless opportunities for fun and adventure. We are blessed to have a variety of options at our fingertips; from mountain sports like hiking and biking, to water recreation and everything in between. Or, maybe your job brings you outdoors; farming, ranching, park rangers and so many more. Unfortunately, the season can also bring on battles with allergies, insects, and general discomfort from too many outdoor adventures.

Before visiting the doctor's office or your local drug store, try natural solutions for your summertime struggles. Herbal extracts and formulas from Mountain Meadow Herbs can provide the answers to the health questions you have, naturally and effectively. And better yet, it’s all made right here in Montana!

Herbal Respiratory is a growing favorite for families who use natural means to keep healthy. Having been a must-have winter tonic for years, it’s becoming more of a year-round remedy to keep on hand.

As the seasons change, the respiratory system is often challenged. The summer pollen, dust, and general environmental irritations can cause just as much respiratory distress as the winter colds and flues. People young and old can benefit from herbs that naturally support the respiratory system and safely bring relief.

This simple yet potent blend of herbs is helpful to loosen mucus in the lungs and bronchial tubes and support against swelling and itching.

Another of summers great annoyances are Mosquito's and other biting insects. A perfect evening on the lake or around a campfire can be ruined by a swarm of these blood-sucking pests. The itchy bites and growing prevalence of mosquito-borne illness makes No-Mo-Squito one of our summertime favorite formulas. This effective herbal combination is an excellent first line of defense against summer bugs. Forget the chemical sprays and hovering around the candles, get out there and enjoy the outdoors, bug-free!

“Mosquitoes usually won’t leave me alone. I decided to try No-Mo-Squito and took it as directed for a week prior to our trip to Africa. I was very concerned with being bitten and getting sick. We were there for two weeks and I never got bitten. That was a miracle for me!” - Faye K.

Whether you work or play in the great outdoors, muscle and joint pain from overexertion are a common problem. The long, cold winter makes us dream of warm, summer days and when they finally arrive, we tend to overdo it, causing aches that only get worse as we age. Whether it’s our muscles, joints, tendons, or ligaments that are causing problems, they all have this in common; it’s all part of an inflammatory process.

Luckily, nature provides solutions to mitigate this process.

An alphabet of vitamins, Omega 3’s, antioxidants, and other minerals can all provide support and even relief for joints and muscles. The comprehensive blend of herbs we use in our Everyday Joint & Muscle Formula  are all vitamin-rich and carefully chosen for their inclusion of these essential, inflammation-fighting compounds.

Swollen, achy joints and muscles, bad knees, and back discomfort no longer have to keep you from enjoying each and every summer day to its fullest. A little natural support goes a long way, so next time you decide to put your body to the test, leave the pill bottle home and put your trust in nature. Follow your hard day with another dose to help you sleep and enjoy the healing effects it has on your body.  

Winters are long in Montana and summers are short. They’re even shorter when we’re stuck inside nursing achy joints, avoiding biting pests, or fighting the drowsiness from your over-the-counter antihistamine. We’re lucky to live and play here, so let’s make the most out of every day. 

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