Are Natural Supplements Safe? |
Are Natural Supplements Safe?
Natural supplements are regulated by the FDA differently, so how safe are they?

Herbal supplements are a type of dietary supplement. They aren’t new - they’ve been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. However, they are not technically “medicine.”

Natural supplements are required to follow manufacturing laws and regulations for quality and consistency purposes. They don’t have to be approved by the FDA before they are sold to consumers, though. Because of this, many people often wonder - are natural supplements safe?

How Safe Are Natural Supplements?

Natural supplements are regulated by the FDA but not in the same way as medicines and foods. This is because natural supplements are considered dietary supplements. They don’t have to meet the same standards as medication. They have their own category of requirements.

FDA Regulations

FDA regulations vary for different categories. The FDA regulations for natural supplements are:

  • Manufacturers don't need FDA approval before selling products

  • Companies can claim their products improve health and/or supplement diets if they have research and disclaimers to back their claims, However, they cannot claim their products address specific medical conditions like heart disease or cancer.

  • Manufacturers must follow consistent quality standards. This ensures that their products don’t have the wrong ingredients in them.

  • The FDA has the right to remove products from the market if they feel they are being misrepresented or are unsafe for consumers.

With these regulations in place, the FDA is able to ensure that natural supplements meet certain standards and allows them the right to remove dangerous products from the market at any time. However, these don’t guarantee that natural supplements are 100% safe. The only way that natural supplements can be considered safe is if you use them properly.

Natural supplements can be dangerous if you don’t understand their full ingredients or their effects on the body. For example, combining natural supplements with prescribed medications can be dangerous if not discussed with a medical professional first. That’s why it’s incredibly important you consult a doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

Who Shouldn’t Take Natural Supplements?

There are several groups of people who should avoid natural supplements. These people include:

People Taking Prescription Medication

If you are taking regularly prescribed medication such as blood thinners or blood pressure medication, you should avoid natural supplements. These could interact with each other negatively and make you seriously ill.

Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid natural supplements unless told differently by their doctor. This is to prevent any negative side effects that could harm young children.

There are natural supplements for nursing or expecting mothers, however be sure to consult your doctor prior to usage.

Surgical Patients

Anyone preparing for surgery should avoid natural supplements as well. They could interact with anesthesia or cause complications during surgery that could be life-threatening.

Safety Tips

If you’re considering natural supplements, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your health and safety. For example, always follow the instructions listed on the supplement label to ensure you’re taking them correctly. Keep track of everything you take and make sure to share it with your doctor.

Additionally, stick to widely-known brands and follow up with the FDA regarding possible alerts or advisories. If you have questions about certain supplements, you can always ask your doctor for clarification.

You can also check our product dosage guide for more information.

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