A Buggy July | Tips for Mosquitos, Bees, and Ticks
A Buggy July

July can drive me buggy. Mosquitos, wasps, bees and flies are everywhere. I hope this article will help at least a bit.

Can the soap you use keep mosquitoes away? A study published in January of this year found a strong correlation after testing a few brands. Simple Truth, Dial and Dove body washes and soaps are very attractive to mosquitos, while some natural soaps like Native repel them, the iScience
study concluded. Native tended to reduce the attraction for the host. They concluded that the anti-mosquito element in this soap is the benzaldehyde which has an almond aroma. Perhaps this summer, I’ll try other almond soaps to see if that works as well.

Another option is No Mo-Squito. Our founder, Kathy Garber, came up with this recipe when she discovered many children dying in an Uganda orphanage from malaria. In 2007 she came up with four formulas to help prevent bites and to aid in the healing process. She sent a package to the community and to her joy discovered it helped. Some patients reported feeling better in less than a day. Only No Mo-Squito, our bite defense is still produced here today.

The proprietary blend consists of Sweet Wormwood herb, Propolis Resin and Green Rooibos Tea leaf. Sweet Wormwood, also known as “old woman,” has been used in anti-parasitic formulas for many years. Turns out it also can repel mice, birds and mosquitos according to The Illustrated Herbal Handbook for Everyone by Juliette De Bairacli. A Cold Spring Harbor Lab test using propolis against mosquito-borne diseases demonstrated solid evidence of the antiviral, antimicrobial, immune-building qualities of propolis showing up in the blood as fast as 72 hours from
consumption. Green Rooibos Tea leaf is a South African term for “red bush”. The aroma is offensive to mosquitos. Just hanging “green” tea bags around your house can help keep them at bay.
No-Mo-Squito is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or for infants or children younger than six years of age. It also is not safe for horses due to the qualities of Sweet Wormwood. 

Pregnant and nursing moms can take a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar to produce a body aroma that is noxious to mosquitos. You can also mix a tablespoon of ACV in a spray bottle and spray the area you are in as a semi-protective barrier.

Other insects: If you get stung by a bee, one of our customers recommends using pure lavender oil to ease the pain. And if you get bitten by a tick, apply a drop or two of Neem oil and the critter should slip off. When walking in the high grass or woods, take a lint roller that uses sticky tape. Roll it over the ticks and voila! Ticks stuck on tape.

Summer also brings high pollen counts. If you find yourself sneezing, itchy eyes, and other signs of allergies, try – Herbal Respiratory. Black European Elder flower bestows many blessings. A yummy blend of Anise Seed and Licorice Root provide flavor while aiding digestion. Rich in Vitamins A and C, filled with natural antihistamines including quercetin, it allows the body to drain mucus, attack free radicals and reduce inflammation. A few drops in water can be used daily to maintain good health. I hope these tips are helpful this summer. Do you have any tips or tricks to make your summer more enjoyable?

By Constance See

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