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5 Herbal Extracts I Use and Why

I was introduced to Mountain Meadow Herbs last summer during the pandemic. HeyMama did an Elixir Mixer where we used 3 different herbal extracts to make cocktails. Since then, they have been a regular part of my regiment, sans alcohol. Herbal medicine and tinctures are concentrated liquid herbs that are often used in homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Here is a quick rundown on the main extracts I use and why!

  Full Spectrum Hemp Blend  

Hemp and CBD are all the rage however, knowing where, who, and what are growing my products is really important to me. I cannot tell you how many CBD products I have turned away in the last year but I had zero reservations trying MMH's new Hemp Blend because they grow and process everything themselves.

Their hemp blend is something I have worked into my nightly routine or during any time of stress. I have grown to really love the smell and taste!

On a technical level, full-spectrum hemp is infused with essential vitamins which provide support for your muscle, joints, as well as your CNS (central nervous system) that can be very useful in periods of over-exertion. Hemp is also known for improving immune health as well as other benefits.

Mountain Meadow Herbs sources their hemp locally and carefully extracts it into their potent blend. Containing 15mg of cannabinoids, this earthy-tasting extract is a good tool to add to your toolbox.

It is not recommended to take hemp while one is pregnant or nursing.

  Herbal Focus  

Recently added to my lineup is Herbal Focus. My days are full of routines and meetings and writing and collaboration. I will take this first thing in the morning before I sit down at my computer. I was actually able to bang out the last few edits of my book shortly after taking herbal focus. Completely anecdotal but it allows me to hyper-focus, accomplish something and move on.

This tasty formula contains extracts from the Bacopa herb, Eleuthero root, Ginkgo Biloba leaf, and the Gotu Kola plant.

Herbal Focus is known for its active role in mental power as it is said to:

· Increase the blood circulation and therefore the oxygen levels in the brain
· Enhance and improve concentration
· Potentially increase one's brain capacity as well as longevity

Bacopa herb and Eleuthero root have been said to support healthy levels of stress and help the body fight the various effects of stress too.

Studies have also shown that the Ginkgo Biloba leaf has positive effects on one’s cognitive function including moods, while the Gotu Kola herb promotes healthy skin, liver, and kidneys. 

Herbal focus is ok for use while nursing but to be used with caution while pregnant. It is not advised for children under 2 or for people taking anti-platelet drugs.


THIS IS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE. I literally travel with this stuff. I give it to my kids, I took it when I had morning sickness (that ended in a miscarriage), I use it all the time. I'm sure you've been told at one point or another to drink a ginger-ale when you have an upset stomach. Save yourself the sugar intake and just go right to the source!

Ginger is one of the oldest traditional healing herbs that have multiple health benefits. Ginger root is loaded with bioactive compounds and nutrients which are good for digestive support, cardiovascular support, and general cell support.

I.e. if you have an upset tummy, a dropper of ginger will go a long way!


Coming out of the pandemic, we have all heard of the magical healing properties of elderberryalso known as Sambucus nigra. Based on results from a large study of healthy adults, there is a possibility that colds developed when one is taking elderberry are less severe and also shorter than colds. Elderberry is a promising intervention for reducing the severity and duration of influenza and the common cold, and it does not appear associated with serious adverse effects.

Either way, it tastes good and helps me fight germs. I'm here for it.


And last, but certainly not least, say hello to turmeric. I call this my magic extract. I take it every day for no reason other than it makes me feel like I'm getting a leg up on germs and optimizing my health. Turmeric root, also known as Curcuma longa and the golden spice, which dates back nearly 4000 years! While often seen as a spice in the kitchen, this mighty herbal extract packs some healing punch.

Turmeric has whole-body health benefits because of its ability to provide antioxidants that support the healthy and required development of body cells. Studies show that Turmeric not only has cardiovascular health benefits but also may facilitate a healthy immune system as well as the response to inflammations which then increases mobility. Turmeric has been around long enough and has gone through enough studies that we can all agree about its benefits.

Bottom Line - These are products I use and love. I used them way before I started working with Mountain Meadow Herbs, a year to be exact. Eastern medicine has been around for a very long time with approximately 80% of people worldwide relying on them for some part of their healthcare regiment. If you know where your herbal extracts are being sourced and their benefits, they can be a good addition to any routine. However, because this field is not regulated by the FDA, it's important to check with your doctor before taking anything medicinally!

Written by: Alicia McKenzie, McKenzie Enterprise, LLC

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