After-Pain Relief

After-Pain Relief

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Postpartum and Menstrual Support

• Fast acting

• Ease cramping and spasms

• Midwife recommended

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Ease discomfort and enjoy the precious time after giving birth and while nursing your newborn. This fast-acting liquid herbal formula may naturally ease after-birth and menstrual discomfort by relaxing muscle tension, easing cramping and spasms.

Midwife recommended.

Suggested Use:

Take 1/4 teaspoon as needed. Dosage can be repeated every 15 minutes (within reason) until relief is obtained.

Cautions: While this herbal extract formula is not considered safe to use while expecting, it can be used immediately after giving birth and is considered safe to use while nursing. Discontinue use 3 weeks before surgery due to the incompatibility of anesthesia and St. John's Wort. Do not use if taking anti-depressants or anti-coagulants  

Proprietary Blend of Extracts from: Cramp bark, Black Haw root, Yarrow leaf & flower, St. John's Wort herb.

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  • Mountain Meadow Herbs, Inc., Admin on 10/28/2015 22:00:00

    The best recovery!

    After three challenging postpartum season (all natural births that necessitated 6 weeks of very painful "bed rest") this was my first recovery with absolutely NO bed rest and minimal discomfort recovery, nursing, etc. I was up and around taking care of my newborn and three young children and everyone around me was commenting on my energy, peace, and joy....I was on cloud nine! Completely different recovery and I credit the combination of Gentle Birth, After Pain Relief and Maxi-Milk, although I believe After Pain Relief was amazing in virtually diminishing the after birth cramps, soreness, dizziness, and all around feeling of exhausted and battered. Ah, wish I had used these with the first three children!

  • Emily Nelson on 10/14/2015 22:00:00

    Better than hospital-grade drugs!

    The day I had my daughter, the hospital gave me their solution to pain relief--a heavy-duty dose of Motrin that made me feel light-headed and didn't really relieve the pain. The next day, my husband ran home to get my After Pain Relief & I felt tons better within an hour. No more light-headedness, and it was almost like the tincture targeted right where I needed pain relief, rather than an all-over numbing effect. Before you try traditional drugs for pain relief post-baby, order some After Pain!

  • Ashley Tetzlaff on 10/13/2015 22:00:00

    AMAZING! An absolute MUST-HAVE for any new mom

    This was amazing for pain relief for those after-birth cramps and nursing pains. For the first week after each of my kids were born, I always had a bottle of this handy. When I felt a bad cramp coming on, I would take a couple drops and find instant relief. Give this to every expecting mom you know! She will thank you for it!