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Royal Tea - 4 Pack

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    The ultimate rejuvenating whole body cleanse! Live long, live well, cleanse daily. Two Royal Tea bags will make one gallon of regular strength tea, which will last approximately one week per person. Contains persimmon leaves, malva leaves, holy thistle and marshmallow leaves.

    48 tea bags

    Get 4 packs for the price of 3!

    Super-concentrated and organic, Royal Tea boosts intestinal well-being. When used daily, this safe, effective formula is a powerful means of healthy elimination, removing potentially harmful toxins and waste. Royal Tea restores the tone and vitality of the digestive tract allowing it to fully absorb more essential nutrients. (Learn more about each potent ingredient here!)

    Good intestinal health has many benefits:

    • Improves digestion

    • Strengthens immunity

    • Reduces mucus congestion

    • Makes the skin more emollient and flexible

    • Clears the eyes

    • Aids in cleansing and detoxifying the blood, liver, kidneys, and lymph

    • Balances body pH

    • Promotes weight loss

    Is This a Weight-Loss Tea?

    No, Royal Tea is not a weight loss tea.

    It is a gentle cleansing tea, so some users may experience some weight loss as they use it. But that is not the main objective.

    Royal Tea offers a stable routine of preventive maintenance for your digestive system. The Royal Society of Medicine states that over 85% of chronic illnesses stem from digestive disorders and are reversible and preventable. With a daily routine of Royal Tea, these disorders and their related illnesses can be a thing of the past!

    Buy 3, Get 1 Free

    There are two really, really good reasons to buy a 4-pack of Royal Tea!

    First, there's the obvious. You're getting four packs of Royal Tea for the price of three. That's 48 tea bags -- 288 gallons -- of Royal Tea for only $116.99. That much Royal Tea will last several months, even with regular consumption!

    Second, there's the less obvious: free shipping! We offer free shipping on orders over $50, so unlike buying one pack at a time, this pack of four will automatically net you fast, free shipping!

    Ready to enhance your intestinal health? With our Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal, it's possible to increase your vitality for only $.93 cents a day!

    Does not contain caffeine. This product cannot be consumed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.


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    Persimmon Leaf

    This herb does it all! Used in beauty products to help clarify the skin and eliminate dull and dark areas. It's a source of important dietary antioxidants such as vitamins A & C!

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    Malva Leaf

    Feeling better and looking better go so well together, don't you think? This herb is a gentle stimulator of the digestive process and it softens the skin!

    Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

    Blessed Thistle

    Blessed Thistle is believed to have great power in the purification and circulation of the blood. So much so that two cups of holy thistle daily may assist in diminishing chronic headaches!

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

    Marshmallow Leaf

    A herbal powerhouse, Marshmallow Leaf is traditionally used to soothe and support the intestines. It also has mild immune-boosting properties that keep you feeling great!


    Step 1: In a large pot, bring one gallon of water to a rolling boil. Turn off the stove and remove the pot from heat.

    Step 2: Add two Royal Teabags. Cover and allow the tea to steep for eight hours.

    Step 3: Without removing the teabags, transfer tea to a suitable container. Place in refrigerator and steep another eight hours. Keep refrigerated.

    Does not contain caffeine. Do not consume while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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