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Gentle Birth Formula w/o Red Raspberry (4 oz.)

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    Childbirth Support

    • Midwife-favorite
    • Enjoy a more comfortable labor and delivery
    • Support a quick recover

    The inspiration for Gentle Birth Formula came from the aged pages of an old but wise midwifery guide, where it was used as a tea to tone the uterine muscles and help prepare the mother to give birth. This forgotten but timeless medicinal recipe was brought to life again in 2001, tested and updated to reflect what modern research has taught us. These herbs were used to make beautiful golden extracts and combined to create an easy-to-take, quickly-absorbed, liquid formulation to help your body be at its best when labor starts. 

    Perceived benefits include an easier, shorter, and more comfortable labor and delivery, plus a shorter recovery time. Strengthens & tones the uterus in preparation for labor, speeds healing & recovery. Provides support for a smooth, less painful delivery and may reduce the need to induce labor.

    Recommended by midwives and doulas and perfect for making a labor prep tea in the third trimester. Gentle Birth Formula has become a favorite of midwives who attend home births and even doctors comment on the smooth and easy deliveries mothers experience who use it. Today it's used in many countries around the world, including Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and Australia. Count our Gentle Birth formula among your labor must-haves, and help your body be at its best when labor starts.

    If you suffer from high blood pressure, we suggest Gentle Birth w/o Blue Cohosh.


    Blessed Thistle herb:
    Physiologically, its natural bitterness stimulates organs and triggers certain glands into action; these are thought to be mainly the liver, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

    False Unicorn root:
    Prized by herbalists to balance hormones and enhance uterine health, it has a normalizing effect on the ovaries and may reduce late-term water retention.

    Partridge Berry herb:
    The bitter compounds in this herb ease birthing pains and soothe anxiety. May help support postpartum mood balance.

    Blue Cohosh root:
    May improve overall uterine muscle tone. Used to bring on effective contractions.

    Ginger root:
    May enhance the effect of all the herbs in the formulation while gently easing nausea.

    Skullcap herb:
    Eases smooth muscle spasms and is very calming to the nerves, helping you relax when


    Begin use 5 weeks before due date.

    Week 1: 1/4 tsp, before morning and evening meals

    Week 2-5: 1/4 tsp, 3 times daily before meals

    This formula is not suggested if you have high blood pressure. Talk with your midwife or healthcare provider about using our Gentle Birth without Blue Cohosh instead.

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