About Us 

Care in Every Drop

Born of a mother’s desperate search for healing, Mountain Meadow Herbs has existed, in essence, since 1996. A young mother, told that her son wouldn’t live past a year, maybe two, unintentionally formed a company out of her deep desire to help and heal when doctors said it was impossible.

Officially founded in 2001, Mountain Meadow herbs has since become an advocate and trusted source of superior health and natural healing.

What sets us apart from other natural remedies and herbal supplements? 

Since the beginning of time, gifts from nature have provided for most of our health and healing needs, but the time and research it takes to uncover these gifts is overwhelming at best. That’s why we’ve done it for you. At our headquarters in Somers, Montana, fresh, pure extracts of individual herbs are made daily and combined into more than 40 proprietary blends or formulas targeting and supporting specific organs and body systems.

Our unique process for extracting herbs has been researched, tested, and developed over time so that the final result is a pure, golden gift from nature. These powerful liquids are up to 70% more effective than tablets or encapsulated herbs. Absorption is almost instant and benefits can, in many cases, be seen quickly.

From mineral support with Herbal Calcium and Herbal Iron, to immune-boosting and specific organ support, our products offer effective natural healing at its best. These herbal formulas are widely used and today are household names among the Amish, where the company's founder grew up. Armed with the simple beauty of a unique culture and an insatiable desire to learn, she successfully unlocked enough of nature's secrets to save her young son from dialysis.

Tired of alternative supplements that don't work? Try a liquid, golden gift from nature - you won’t be disappointed! Our mission is to provide natural health solutions you can trust .